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Are you a woman ready to set the wheels in motion when the 

universe is working in your favor?

Join Us to reclaim the joy, beauty, and balance in your life!

October 2024 (Dates to be announced!)

Wake up to the gentle song of autumn warblers instead of your blaring alarm. Away from it all, you are gifted with the space & time to reconnect with yourself and YOUR needs.

Immerse yourself in the immense beauty of the majestic landscape. Nothing awakens our souls and spurs positive change in our lives like nature’s magic and simple grace.

Let your hair down with a circle of amazing women who want to know the REAL you. Shed the layers and expectations of the outside world so you can touch base with your inner wisdom and blossom in an easy going, fun, supportive environment. Soak up the sistahood!

By the end of this powerful weekend
you’ll leave feeling refreshed, centered, and clear!

you can look forward to settling back into your daily life with 
renewed perspective.

Return empowered, ready to make sustainable changes in your self-care habits so that you can forge your path in the world with ease and purpose!

The experience

This glorious, bucket list destination is THEE PERFECT SETTING for a true “time out” and October just happens to be one of the best times to experience its gifts! The hot summer temperatures have given way to moderate, enjoyable days but there’s still the opportunity to visit a local creek or swimming hole for a refreshing dip.

The quaint town of Sedona lies in Yavapai county surrounded by the magnificent rock formations that draw people from all over the world. Originally revered for their spiritual significance by the indigenous Sinagua people, the vividly hued sandstone, perfectly sculpted by nature’s hands, continues to represent mystery and power to many who pilgrimage there.

October holds several rich celestial happenings, providing us with opportune times to work with potent energy! For those who walk a nature-inspired path, it’s the perfect fuel for our manifestation fire!

Picture welcoming the day with gentle morning yoga, nourishing your body with fresh, delicious food, standing amongst the grandeur of nature’s artwork during a vortex hike, luxuriating in some much needed “me time”,  and connecting with newfound friends over shared experiences and botanical, spirit-free cocktails.

Are red rock adventures, peaceful clarity, and A FRESH START calling your name? 


Feel completely taken care of as you enjoy your farm to fork meals lovingly prepared by the amazing & talented chef AJ. Local, seasonal, organic ingredients, rich in flavor & revitalizing nutrients, are key players in this experience and casual culinary demonstrations will inspire you to get creative in your own kitchen!

Think it’s hard to find healthy options that are also delicious when eating out? We’ll show you that you can have it all when we enjoy a meal out on the town! When an intuitive gardener and Ayurvedic chef  is hand selecting fresh ingredients for a menu that changes week to week, season to season, it’s all good!

Mindful indulgence anyone!?! You won’t be left wanting when you experience the guilt-free, delectable delicacies on this retreat! You’ll find that your body and your sweet tooth can be satisfied all at once!



The Delights

Our autumn retreat opens Friday afternoon with a lavish, alcohol-free, botanical cocktail hour! Take a deep breath, release the requirements of the outside world, and settle into yourself. We’ll spend some time getting to know the other amazing women who felt called to the experience because the souls the universe gathers is never a coincidence.

Enjoy deep restorative sleep in the rich silence of the desert aided by the grounding herbal allies you’ll be getting acquainted with. 

Gentle morning yoga sessions will provide a centering experience for your body and mind so that you can ease into your days of internal and external exploration. Whether you are new to yoga or are a seasoned yogini you will discover how intuitive movement, guided visualization, sound healing frequencies, and breathing techniques can support your efforts in establishing balance.

It’s one thing to simply hike for movement’s sake and an entirely different experience to open yourself fully to the gifts nature has to offer! Take in the wisdom that each step of our vortex hike has to offer.

Tap into the power held within Sedona’s sacred spaces! There’s no way you could leave unchanged!

20210917_120039 (2)

Who says health is all about structure & limitation? Not us! Wellness encompasses all that feeds your soul! We’re going to be having a blast, listening to good music, kickin’ our shoes off, dancing in the kitchen, and enjoying delectable food and drink throughout the long weekend together!

the lifelong Benefits

If you had the life-changing opportunity to take a time out from the stresses of life, focus on YOUR NEEDS for once, and have access to experts in the field of women’s health & empowerment wouldn’t you jump at the chance?

  • Integrate self-exploration techniques in order to unearth what ignites your fire, generating the potential for positive, change.
  • Participate in rich, demystifying discussions about physiology and valuable holistic methods that will literally change your life! You have all weekend to “ask the experts” so bring your questions to the table!
  • The way you fuel your body has everything to do with your motivation and drive! Return home with a renewed sense of excitement about gifting yourself with nutrient dense meals.
  • Throughout our time together you’ll be exploring ways to weave therapeutic, medicinal herbs into your life. Experiencing customized herbal teas, delicious culinary spices, and spirit-free botanical cocktails firsthand will provide you with the comfort and clarity you need to start (0r add to) your own home apothecary.
  • Add to your new-found self-care tool box with reflexology and acupressure techniques that help to support your body and  reduce stress.
  • Through the exchange of ideas and perspective, experience the uplifting power that comes from the transfer of knowledge & strength between women. Return home, knowing that you have the continuous support of your new hive!

“My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style.”

~ Maya Angelou

If this weekend filled with beauty, richness, valuable information and connection excites you, and 

you’re hungry for more…


This is the pivotal point where the message comes alive! Meet one-on-one with China Rose to discuss your personal health situation, how to integrate what you’ve learned, and start to create a roadmap to your goals. Space is limited so claim your spot NOW!

You deserve to feel your best!

Meet the team

China Rose Zamora,
FNTP, CCH, Yoga Teacher

I’m a student of life who has caught the wanderlust bug! I love exploring, being humbled by nature, learning from other cultures, rockin’ out to all kinds of music, from folk to hip-hop, and being an adventurous culinary enthusiast!

As a young person my love of nature and my innate desire to help people lead me to discover holistic healthcare.  After developing some less than desirable symptoms related to the processed foods I ate as a teenager I finally found that by eating more whole foods and exploring the world of medicinal herbs I felt immensely better! I was hooked!

Throughout my 20’s and into my 30’s I enthusiastically added to my functional medicine toolbox. I was certified as a clinical herbalist by the Southwest School of Botanical Medicine in 2000 and as a functional nutritional therapist in 2009. My evolving passions led me to focus my studies on aspects of women’s health. Fertility awareness, preconception healthcare, optimal pregnancy outcomes, postpartum wellness, and menopausal hormonal harmony are my passions! I also completed my yoga teacher training in 2016.

We have a thriving practice, supporting women all over the world, and a flourishing collection of innovative herbal products! It feeds my soul to help women understand the beauty and intricacies of their bodies so that they feel empowered at their core and can kick ass at life!


AJ Zamora,

Having been in the health and fitness industry for over twenty five years, I’ve settled into my role as a functional fitness coach and wellness strategist! My travels continue to add to the tools I have to offer my clients, whether it be fitness, clean, simple living, or self-nourishment. As an intuitive, creative, culinary hobbyist, passionate about combining beautiful flavors, colors and whole food ingredients, I love helping folks rekindle their interest in cooking!

I realize that 80% of the population doesn’t have that inner drive to enjoy being active. That’s what inspires me every day: I want to motivate those who are willing to challenge themselves and create positive changes in their lives.

I want people to feel and experience the enjoyment of movement and being active, and it’s totally possible by taking it one step at a time, without judgment, and without questioning their ability or feeling overwhelmed. I am passionate about inspiring everyone from the weekend warrior to the beginner whose warrior is just aching to get out!

When you immerse yourself in beauty, prioritize the time to tune into your inner wisdom, make space for the inspiration to naturally unfurl, and surround yourself with love 

there’s no end to what you can accomplish!