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Between the two of us we’ve worn many retail-related hats, from the sales floor clerk to the buyer, and we have developed a keen ability to identify the difference between top performers and dead stock.

Our flagship product is not just another SKU… It’s a calling. Born from brainstorming sessions during the good ol’ times of yesteryear, it was our answer to modulating the impacts of modern day stress and trauma in a delicious, customizable form. 

Free Spirit Elixir is a functional, alcohol-free, organic/non-GMO, botanical formula that’s meant to mimic the tension releasing and mood elevating actions people look for in alcohol. What started out as a thoughtful blend formulated in our kitchen in 2020 has blossomed into a small batch elixir produced for us by a U.S. FDA cGMP inspected herbal manufacturer and enjoyed by health-focused folks all over the country! With a mild, slightly sweet taste and acute & accumulative health benefits, it’s meant to be the therapeutic foundation when building fabulous, non-alcoholic cocktails. 

Think of it as a functional boost that's not only an easy upsell, but a great way to increase your clientele's options and perceived reward.

We love partnering with fellow businesses on a mission! Whether you’re interested in offering Free Spirit Elixir on your retail shelves or serving it in your café or bar, we are confident that it will be a rich addition to your curated vision!    

Providing insightful training and collaborating via pop-ups, events, & social media has been our recipe for success in building strong relationships with our retail partners. We’re excited for you to succeed in becoming part of the non-alcoholic, functional beverage movement!

What sets Free Spirit Elixir apart from other non-alcoholic,
adult beverages?

  • More than just buzzwords, it’s actually functional and therapeutic
  • Completely customizable to your palate by blending it with your favorite mixers. 
  • Organic and non-GMO botanicals
  • Whole, full spectrum herbs with naturally occurring potencies
  • No added sugar, flavors, or processed sweeteners 
  • No synthetic vitamins or nutraceuticals
  • Quality ingredients chosen with safety and efficacy in mind
  • Formulated by a twenty-three year veteran herbalist/functional nutritional therapist and seasoned mixologist dream team
  • Produced in the U.S. by an FDA cGMP inspected herbal manufacturer
  • Third party tested for quality, potency, and compliance 
  • Bottled in glass (No heavy metal or chemical exposure via aluminum or plastic)

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