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Our unique blend of grounding, “chill-inducing”, and adaptogenic herbs is extracted in vegetable glycerin making it an excellent alcohol-free option when reaching for a sophisticated drink.

The carefully selected botanicals help to ease tension & anxiety, soothe the nervous system, and relax muscles right away while supporting liver health, brain function, immune system response, and reducing the negative impacts of stress when enjoyed over time.

At 1-2 tsp per spirit-free cocktail, it’s a great choice whether decompressing after a long day or hangin’ with friends.

100% amazing. 0% alcohol!

why spirit-free cocktails ?

Unfortunately, stress has a way of weaving itself into most of our lives in one form or another and alcohol still holds the title for the most socially acceptable self-soothing tool. Though there may be a time and place for a well-savored spirit, alcohol isn’t the ideal tool for relaxation and social ease when working to Create Real Wellness.

Nature has the answer! Many plants have the same actions that folks look for in alcohol while PROMOTING HEALTH instead of depleting it!

Whether you are motivated to drink less alcohol, are completely sober, or just looking for fun, fabulous, & functional variety,
Free Spirit Elixir was made for you.

No booze. Just benefits!

What's in free spirit elixir?

  • Nervous system support
  • Helpful for stress, worry, anxiety, overstimulation, irritability, feeling depleted, tension headaches, & nerve pain
  • Kava.,Fresh,Green,Leaves,In,The,Shape,Of,A,Heart
    Kava Root
    • Natural muscle relaxant, mood-elevator, & “euphoric”
    • Non-addictive pain reliever
    • Used to mitigate cravings for alcohol, tobacco, and drugs
    • Chamomile
      • Natural muscle relaxant great for stress and restlessness
      • Anti-inflammatory
      • Calms a nervous stomach & supports digestion
      • Gotu Kola
        Gotu Kola
        • Adaptogenic: helps reduce negative effects of stress over time
        • Nootropic: improves brain function, memory, creativity, and motivation therefore helping to ease mental exhaustion
        • Prickly,Eleutherococcus,Or,Wild,Pepper.,It,Is,Valuable,Medicinal,Plant.


          • Adaptogenic: helps reduce negative effects of stress when used over time
          • Helps to increase physical & mental stamina


          • Adaptogenic: helps reduce negative effects of stress when used over time
          • Supports the immune system and cardiovascular health


          • Helps to relieve muscle tension and digestive symptoms
          • Supports healthy circulation & reduces inflammation


          20170829_163558 (1)

          Super versatile!

          The herbs are extracted in vegetable glycerin resulting in a mildly herbaceous, slightly sweet flavor with no added sugar. It’s the perfect complement to all of your favorite mixers!

          “Choosing not to drink alcohol in a social culture that is based on alcohol consumption can be hard and sometimes I want to have a fancy drink too! Having a delicious, fun, tasty, lubricant that has no alcohol so I can feel like I’m participating is key. The elixir is a perfect social drink that still feels adult, without the alcohol.”

          What sets Free Spirit Elixir apart from other non-alcoholic,
          adult beverages?

          • More than just buzzwords, it’s actually functional and therapeutic
          • Completely customizable to your palate by blending it with your favorite mixers. 
          • Organic and non-GMO botanicals
          • Whole, full spectrum herbs with naturally occurring potencies
          • No added sugar, flavors, or processed sweeteners 
          • No synthetic vitamins or nutraceuticals
          • Quality ingredients chosen with safety and efficacy in mind
          • Formulated by a twenty-three year veteran herbalist/functional nutritional therapist and seasoned mixologist dream team
          • Produced in the U.S. by an FDA cGMP inspected herbal manufacturer
          • Third party tested for quality, potency, and compliance 
          • Bottled in glass (No heavy metal or chemical exposure via aluminum or plastic)

          Frequently Asked Questions

          It is a blend of seven herbs extracted in vegetable glycerin that mimics some of the actions people look for in alcohol, cannabis, and anti-anxiety medications. Its noticeable, immediate benefits include easing tension, reducing anxiety, relaxing muscles, and elevating mood.

          When enjoyed regularly it supports the health of multiple body systems and nourishes the nervous system so that eventually the desire to reach for self-soothing agents is minimized.

          It’s a great choice whether decompressing after a long day or hangin’ with friends.

          It’s subtly herbaceous and lightly sweet with notes of chamomile and honey (although there is no honey in the formula).

          While a spoonful directly in the mouth makes for quick and easy dispensing, many prefer to enjoy it in alcohol-free cocktail form. The awesome thing is that the flavor is so subtle that it mixes well into any non-alcoholic beverage, hot or cold!

          Most folks report noticeable tension release and an overall sense of ease while enjoying or immediately after finishing the first Spirit free cocktail. The effects will differ in the presence of food and are dose dependent similarly to alcohol.

          Free Spirit Elixir does not cause inebriation or impairment, so take a look at your driving record. If history suggests you are able to drive you should be good to go 😉

          Yes, the herbs are extracted in vegetable glycerin instead of alcohol.

          No. This is not a hemp or cannabis product. See ingredient list for details.

          No. While people often find that they want to continue using Free Spirit Elixir after being introduced to it, it isn’t inherently addictive. In fact, several of the ingredients have actually been used in addiction therapy programs to reduce cravings for alcohol, tobacco and other drugs in addition to lessening withdrawal symptoms.

          No. While there are many herbs that are completely safe for pregnant women to use, Free Spirit Elixir contains botanicals that are not recommended for use during pregnancy.

          How do we like to enjoy free spirit elixir?

          The possibilities are truly endless. That’s where the fun and creativity of mixology really come to life! While you’re honing your skills with the help of our Botanical Bar Cart Kit here are some simple ideas to get you started.

          Free Spirit N' Soda

          Fill a rocks glass with ice. Add Free Spirit Elixir. Top with soda. Gently stir to combine. Garnish with a fresh herb sprig or citrus wedge & enjoy!

          High Spirit

          • 1-2 tsp Free Spirit Elixir
          • 3 oz. kombucha flavor of choice
          • Generous squeeze of lemon juice

          Combine in a shaker filled with ice. Stir for 30 seconds & strain into a fancy, chilled cocktail glass. Garnish with a lemon twist.

          Spiced Hot Tah'Tea

          • 1-2 tsp Free Spirit Elixir
          • 5 oz. of brewed chai or spiced tea, OR 2-3 oz. of unfiltered apple cider warmed up with 2-3 oz. hot water

          Add all ingredients to your favorite mug. Stir & serve with a cinnamon stick.

          “Free Spirit Elixir is a delicious alternative to alcoholic drinks and wine. Even though I enjoy those beverages from time to time, I am so grateful to have a drink now that can help the stresses go at the end of my day that is delicious, supportive, truly relaxing, and effective without draining or numbing my body which alcohol does. It is fun to experiment with different ways to enjoy it- with lemon, with bitters, with flavored sparkling waters, etc. My body says YES when I reach for my Free Spirit Elixir drink now. I highly recommend it!”

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