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Spring Rejuvenation “Live Hive”, Session 1

Spring Rejuvenation

March 2023

Tap into the rejuvenative energy of the season! Just as many of us are starting to see signs of life re-emerging in nature, our own bodies are sending us signals that it’s time to “lighten the load”.

Are you feeling a bit BLAH coming out of the overindulgence & sedentary nature of the winter holidays? Are symptoms like fatigue, digestive discomfort, weight gain, headaches, allergies, brain fog, trouble sleeping, PMS, or achiness your body’s way of saying, “HELP!”? Or maybe you are turning over a new leaf and would love to have some support in making healthy, sustainable changes in your life.


Though you can purchase this digital course at any time and go through the information at your own pace, the “Live Hive” experience includes 30 days of live support including four Zoom gatherings and timeline appropriate encouragement via the private Facebook group!

The event is finished.


Mar 01 - 31 2023