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Dryish January Is a Thing and We’re Here for It

Now that sugar season has come to a crashing halt (pun intended) it’s no wonder many of us are feeling a bit lethargic and unmotivated. Anyone else not sleeping well? How’s your digestion? Preparing yourself for that January illness that you’ve just come to accept as your “normal“?

Since we’re being real, what about your emotional health? All the holiday busyness and togetherness can serve as a great distraction from emotions that might be simmering underneath, amirite?

January “let down” is a real thing and the return to uninterrupted daily life can be sobering for some.

Now, I realize that escapism can come in many forms all throughout the year. The never ending to-do list or social media feed… The nightly beer or glass of wine perfectly paired with some mindless entertainment… Believe me, I know how much courage it takes to admit that something that you’re attached to is really not working for you. This is the little loving nudge you may need to stop and consider how you deserve to feel.

What is standing in your way?

This is one of the reasons “Dry” and even “Dryish January” are trending. We know that drinking regularly can lead to all of the symptoms I’ve mentioned and that taking a break can help us regain our health (both mentally and physically) and create a healthier relationship with it over time.

 Feeling inspired? It comes down to your own personal style, right? Some have strong determination and can draw a line in the sand. For them it’s just the way it needs to happen, especially if sobriety is a necessary step in reclaiming their lives.

Then there’s those who may not even consider “taking a break” from alcohol because it feels unnecessarily difficult and staring a possible lack of willpower in the face bites! Maybe it’s become such a dependable tension reliever or social ice breaker that going without is a freaky idea and the challenge just doesn’t feel worth it.

This is where the idea of BALANCE comes in.

 “Mindful drinking” and “sober curious” are some of the highest ranking searches this time of year. They introduce the idea that we can break the perceived challenge down into bite-sized pieces in order to move forward. What if committing to simply “cutting back” was the impetus to unearthing what it is we’re escaping from so that we have the opportunity to heal at the root?

Staying Motivated

Let’s start with a mindset shift. Rather than focusing on what you’re giving up, focus on what you’re gaining! Are you sleeping better? Is your energy and mood more consistent? How much money are you saving? How about that glowing skin gurl?

Having other stress relieving options in place is non-negotiable, right? Things like deep breathing, yoga, meditation, movement, laughter, art, music… What are your go-to’s?

And let’s not forget SUPPORT! It can be a game changer! Where your folks at? What can y’all do together that has nothing to do with alcohol? Need to build community? Interest in “Dry January” has recently jumped by 259% so they’re out there! Search for local events! And have you checked out the Sunnyside Mindful Drinking app or This Naked Mind community yet? They can also be good places to start because they can help create structure and celebrate your wins!

What about weaving in some sophisticated, nourishing, alcohol-free beverages? Zero proof alcohol alternatives that are also functional, like Free Spirit Elixir, can make a world of difference in the mindful drinking journey! The multitasking plant allies in this unique formula help to ease tension & anxiety, soothe the nervous system, and relax muscles right away thereby helping to fill the needs that alcohol may have served. The cool thing is the synergistic botanical ingredients do this WHILE supporting liver health, brain function, and reducing the negative impacts of stress when enjoyed regularly over time… Helping to rehabilitate the systems that alcohol is depleting!

Last, but not least, LET’S MAKE A PACT TO LET GO OF PERFECTION!Slipping up” is not a reason to give up. It’s an opportunity to explore where that “trigger” originated. Clarity can be a sobering but necessary step towards growth and the clarity of mind you reclaim from prioritizing self-care and drinking less will shine a light on the parts that need a little extra love. Feel all the feels. Move through the desire to distract. Put your tools to use. Your beautiful soul deserves the glow up!

Because we’re all unique, customizing your approach to creating healthier balance in your life is undoubtedly the way to go and it’s never too late to start. What speaks to you?

Here’s to your well-being!

P.S. A little musical motivation for your journey…

“I Release to Receive” by Geminelle

China Rose Zamora is a functional nutritional therapist, clinical herbalist, and yoga teacher who has worked in the holistic health field since 1998, has proudly served her community as China Rose Wellness since 2009, and is co-creatrix at Create Real Wellness. When she’s not coaching women to rise to their health potential, practicing herbal alchemy, traveling the country via mobile tiny house teaching inspirational workshops to demystify wellness, or co-facilitating transformational retreats with AJ, her-eco warrior partner in adventure, you can find her meandering on the nearest hiking trail or jammin’ at a local, live music venue. China Rose is a firm believer that wellness encompasses everything that nourishes us, body & soul!

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