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China Rose and AJ Zamora

Traveling medicine women in our flow, passionate eco-warrior sustainability seekers with a holistic approach to life, conscious creatrixes happy to set the table for healing, & so much more! (You should see how many hats fit in our tiny house!)

We’ve manifested a life where we prioritize experiences, travel, connecting with other inspired folks on collaborative projects, communing with nature, growing, cooking and eating delicious, nourishing food, practicing herbal alchemy, laughter, HAVING FUN, immersing ourselves in art and life-giving music (from folk to hip hop), & gathering honored wisdom from cultures around the world.

We’re on a mission to support the health of our growing community with our intuition, curated knowledge, and 25 + years of experience at the helm!

ChiNa RosE

I developed a deep love for nature and ways to express myself through art, dance, and music at a young age. Knowing that I wanted to hone my passions into a sustainable, fulfilling career I attended the Southwest School of Botanical Medicine as a budding 21 year old and have continued to add to my medicine basket ever since. Incorporating functional nutritional therapy and yoga to my repertoire has allowed me to show up as the wellness guide I was called to be.

I feel like I’ve finally been able to weave all my passions together through the Create Real Wellness offerings. I love to encourage authenticity, lift others up, create engaging ambience, curate badass experiences, and imbue wonder! 


My innate passion has always been wellness but it hasn’t invariably paid the bills so I adopted bartending as a necessary, but fun, livelihood. As a health guide by day and mixologist by night my interest and skills in both areas flourished. 

My experiences and travel continue to add to the tools I have to offer, whether it be related to fitness, clean, simple living, sustainable homesteading, or self-nourishment. 

I feel fortunate that I now get to marry my passions in the garden, behind the herbal elixir bar, in the kitchen, and through our many offerings. It nourishes my creative nature and allows me to share my love of alchemy!